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🔥 16 Best Pen and Paper Games for One, Two or Small Groups


Free Word Games for Adults. Whether it's scrambled words, puzzles, crosswords, riddles or fun with anagrams, many adults love a good word game. If you're standing in line at the bank with your mobile phone or just want to have fun by printing a few games from your computer on a break at work, several websites offer free word games for adults to play.
Play the best free Online Word Games and Letter Games. Play games like crosswords, hangman, word search and vocabulary games.
This is a sweet and cozy game for two. No winners, no losers, just good tactile fun with language. 1. Person one thinks of a message of several words for person two. 2. Person one then chooses and area of person two’s skin that person two cannot see. The upper back works well, or the forearm as long as person two doesn’t peek. 3.

Prop games: These games can be played with common household items, or with a few simple and easy-to-find items from your local grocery or party planning store. The Pick out the Safety Pins Game. What you’ll need: Bag of long-grained rice. Large mixing bowl. A package of 50 (or more) small to medium-size safety pins.
Games that require seniors to think about language and vocabulary can increase memory retention and stimulate mental activity. These fun word games can be played with big groups or small gatherings, and they have many benefits for seniors. 1. Rhyming Ball. This fun word game combines fast thinking with physical coordination.
Find about 20 words for which your students will have absolutely no clue what the definitions are. I'm not kidding: The weirder and more obscure the word, the more fun this game will be. You're not trying to teach these words, you're simply trying to get them to work together using English in a fun way. The activity:
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Easy and Fun 2 Player Games for Date Night - From The Dating Divas Fun word games for two adults


A word at a time. Aim for a complete story: opening, middle and end in 4 rounds. Each person adds one word at a time. Members have to help each other by making sure their word choices keep the story moving toward the desired goal. Two words at a time Each player add two words before handing the story on
2 Pics 1 Word – Fun Word Guessing Game - Pics Quiz is a simple addictive free word game. You See 2 pics and guess a word or phrase! Example : You can see pics of Rain + Bow = Rainbow. 2 Pics To Word - 2 Pics 1 Word is the best free word games to play with friends? Both adults and kids will love this amazing new guessing word game.
Everyone likes to play games, and pen and paper games are a quick and easy way to pass the time. Our selection includes games for one, for two, and for groups. We have games easy enough for small children and challenging enough for adults.

starburst-pokie17 Hilarious and Simple Party Games for Adults Fun word games for two adults

Easy and Fun 2 Player Games for Date Night - From The Dating Divas Fun word games for two adults

These adult party games are also more fun. There’s no being self-conscious here or wondering if everyone’s feeling comfortable. Where else in life do you get the chance to play Sleeping Bag Sumo? Here are 7 clean adult party games to power up your party. Blind Man Walking. Before playing, fill different parts of your house with balloons.
This classic board game for adults is a must-have for every household, as it will provide hours of fun as you compete to create the best high-scoring words. In the Scrabble box, you’ll find the game board, 100 wooden letter tiles, four tile racks, a drawstring letter bag and the game guide.
4. TAG WHAT: This classic children's chasing game is also fun for adults and is a perfect excuse to get a little exercise outside during the summer. HOW: One person is chosen as "it.". This person counts to ten to give the other players a chance to spread out and then he or she starts chasing them.

Fun word games for two adultscasinobonus

Do fun games for two people exist?
Best of all—finding a board game for two players can build your marriage.
So I thought I would write a post on games you can play with your spouse that need only two players!
Updated with all new 2-player games for 2017!
In the evening, instead of turning to a screen, break out a board game.
Like dominoes, with Hive you build your own game by putting the tiles together in different ways.
It can be learned in just a few minutes, and the matches are really quick.
This is a really engrossing, challenging game for couples who want something to sink their teeth into.
You can play with 2-4 players, and each of you plays one specialist who can help defeat the disease.
You have to find the four possible cures before the game is over.
This is our absolute favourite.
We play this one as a family all the time, but it works great with just two players, too.
You each choose two specialists to play.
All of us playing Pandemic at Christmas—but it works for 2 players, too!
So if either of you is a sore loser, choose this one!
You have a goal and you work towards it together.
Now go and cure the world!
And it was voted Mensa Favourite Game in 2010!
This super fun card game is a blend of tactics, risk, and luck.
You can play with two players, but it also works well letting the kids join in.
Another favourite of mine by Set?
Likebut with cards!
It takes about half an hour.
Basically you each select a tile on each turn that you place, creating a medieval city with roads and monasteries and farms.
It also has lots of expansions you can buy to turn it into a different, and more complicated, game if you want.
It was the 1 most backed Kickstarter project ever.
Distract the kittens with laser beams!
So last Christmas, when I saw that a 2-player version was available, I jumped at it and bought it for Keith.
You play different eras in history, with the goal to build some of the 7 wonders of the world, while also advancing your technology.
And the best part?
A super fun game that you can play with your spouse in under half an hour.
Based on the original party Codenames game, this two-player version is a whole new game fun word games for two adults many find even more intriguing.
The game comes with dozens of different cards, each with different actions and results.
But each game you choose only 10 cards, so the flavour of the game is always changing.
This can be played with multiple, too, but it also works with just two.
My husband and daughter playing Dominion at Christmas 12.
Choosing which routes to keep, and which to turn in.
And then getting yours done before your spouse gets his completed!
The original Ticket to Ride is North American based, but the expansions are for Europe, India, and Africa.
Again, a game that can be played with many more players, but still works with just two.
This is another of our big party games for when we have other people over.
Classic Two-Player Board Games 13.
But it can be fun.
Who is going to knock it over?
On each turn you have to remove a block from the lower levels and deposit it at the top, creating a higher and higher tower until gravity eventually takes its toll.
Fun to play on nights when you want to just relax together.
Going for a picnic with your husband?
The thrill I get when I place a tile between two words and actually make THREE words with it—wow.
And I still remember watching Family Ties as a kid and seeing the Scrabble showdowns between Alex and his dad.
A great game for 2 people!
You just roll dice and get points for your combinations.
Comes with the wooden board with pegs and a deck of cards.
Play the double 9s or even double 12s for added challenge.
I always loved Dominoes as a kid.
And my mother, who hates competitive games, claims that Dominoes is the only one she can play without breaking out into a cold sweat.
But you know what?
Keith and I played chess a ton on a recent cruise, too!
Chances are you already have at least some of these games in your games cupboard.
And the more games you play together, the more you laugh together and the more you build relationships.
So go for it!
Pick a two-person game, and start a new tradition.
What games for two people do you enjoy?
Let me know in the comments!
This post contains affiliate links.
We even bought expansion packs to add a little more variety for when it was just the two of us.
We also have just been introduced to Settlers of Catan, which is typically a four-player game, but I found a tutorial online for how to modify it for two players, so we may be buying that one soon.
But thanks for letting me know!
We did have to stop using the robber, though, because it just became too frustrating!!
We love playing games, and have close friends who live five minutes away with whom we play at least once or twice a week.
It was worked out by our friends, after looking up a bunch of different ideas and deciding what they felt worked best.
This means that I am willing to play this with my 16yo, because he can be SO obnoxious with trading… Regular 4-to-1 and harbor trading with the bank is allowed.
I think those are all the differences.
We really enjoy it, but my husband and I play other games together, as well.
The main person I personally play this with is my 16yo son!
However, my husband and I also have Settlers of Catan and Settlers of America and we found a way to modify pity, party drawing games for adults for games.
We do use the robber sometimes but usually we are nice to each other and let it float around on unused or desert tiles!
For Settlers of America if anyone has it, it works well with two players if you each take turns building 3 cities each and attached rails on fun word games for two adults unused purple spaces.
You can play that you pay a gold to the bank to use them or just let them be free.
Otherwise we just play the game normally.
We also love Dominion and Carcassone, and many of the other games that are popular among fans of the ones already mentioned, but finding ones with good two player rules can be tricky.
My husband and I are both competitive, so playing games with each other turns out to be a lot of fun!
Kids love it, too.
Love the idea of game night!!
Quiddler is our favorite two-player game.
It really makes game night that much more fun and entertaining!
I would like to start playing games now and then.
I do enjoy them.
One of my favorites is Stratego.
We started this when we were dating and we still get a lot of joy of beating each other.
She is just learning how to play these games, so it teaches her and gives a family fun night instead of watching TV together.
Another fun one is honeymoon whist.
I grew up playing stratego and have taught my hubby to play, but dont think we own that one yet.
Loving the suggestions for more two player games, they can be hard to find!
My husband and I just got it.
We also like Abalone and speed scrabble.
The more interesting the picture, the better.
We have an X-Box with Kinect and before you stop reading wait!
There are some great family and couple games — like Top Hand Rodeo HILARIOUS to see your husband barrel racing!
We play Creationary by Lego — a wonderful game.
You should try it — really!
We also have iPad versions of some of these games for when we are travelling.
A nice way to spend time and it encourages visiting and that is always good.
Thanks for reminding me how much fun it is to play with my husband.
Sounds like a date night with a deck of cards is in our future!
Excited to look up the two player Catan rules as our kids are heading off to college soon and it will just be hubby and I.
Our favorite 2 person game is Five Crown.
My dh and I like to play Lost Cities, similar to Racko with a beautiful archeological theme.
Ticket to Ride is an app for the iPad, with a great pass and play version—much faster and easy to take on trips.
My husband has a computer game that he can get lost in, so appreciate your suggestions for ways to draw him out; am loving your blog fun word games for two adults book.
I enjoy word games, and my hubby enjoys strategy games.
We recently got Bananagrams, though.
I also enjoy Battleship and Mastermind.
But I hereby challenge you to a game of Boggle, Sheila!
I love having the time to connect, to quiet down, and to have a mentally challenging activity after changing diapers, doing laundry, cooking, housecleaning, dishes, diapers, etc.
One of my favorites.
Morels was designed by a husband wanting two-player games to play with his wife you can get it from Two Lantern Games.
You win by collecting five tokens total or three in a row.
I like the trading element that is made to work well with two players via the use of a central market.
A Few Acres of Snow — at least 90 minutes.
Trade your beans to collect enough of one type to harvest and turn into gold -Agricola full version — All about breeding animals, growing food, harvesting, and feeding your family members at the end of each round.
A little more complex, but tons of replay value, and a lot of fun.
Work together and for yourself building a cathedral, battling enemies, and gaining prestige.
Anyone in the Denver area want to come over and play with us?
Most of these games are available on Amazon.
You can read all about these games and other ones on.
Hope that gives some ideas!!
San Juan, Citadels and Caesar and Cleopatra are also 2 player card games we enjoy.
I think Blokus sound pretty fun and he enjoys Tetris so it may be a good fit.
Another good game for 2 to 4 players is Rummikub it is like the Rummy card game but with tiles.
And Skip Bo is one of my favorites.
Get a table full and game on!
We have found some card games we like, though.
The only one I can think of at the moment is Spite and Malice which sounds bad but is kind of fun — some luck based on shuffle and deal of cards, but a bit of skill as well.
My husband and I play very often — and I almost always win, which is good, because I am a wretchedly sore loser God please help me with this.
We got Kingdom Builder for Christmas and have played it a couple times.
Hope you enjoy it!
And yeah, they really are.
They make for some excellent memory-making.
Last year we tried to start having a weekly game night.
Some of our favorite games are in Monopoly Deal, Yahtzee, Pandemic, and Mille Bornes.
We called it Amish dice growing up.
My husband and I are newlyweds and have come to love playing games as a date night.
Yet it took some brainstorming to find some other two person games besides cards!
We are loving Blokus very mind stretching and Scrabble, the gardening edition, which lets you disobey the Scrabble rules with extra cards you receive during the game.
Thanks for all the other suggestions!
We usually have a few rounds of 100-pin bowling or Frisbee Golf… A lot of fun!
We also really enjoy Scopa an Italian card game either the two of us or with another couple, and recently acquired Logos, a Trivial Pursuit style board game based on knowledge of different brands and products, which we also fun word games for two adults a lot.
If my darling is feeling especially generous he will play Othello with me, as it is an old favourite of mine and I usually win.
Will you email me when you can an explain it to me?
In the mean time I will go dig out the cards!
We really need to do some of that again.
Given the regular discussion of how to get physically intimate, I was expecting to not be the first to mention good old Twister.
Could make it more interesting by putting washable paint on the colours.
But I will say, if your husband loves video games, it could be good to try to take an interest in them too — not to the exclusion of other ways to spend time together, but just as a show of love and bridging the gap.
Any of the Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros.
U, deBlob 2, Portal 2, and TONS more.
It helps us understand each other better, and it helps us feel validated.
Team Just click for source 2 is a great game.
Not very hard to learn and it can be cooperative if you get on the same team.
Minecraft, though, is the best.
People go on there and build just incredible castles and mining operations and basically whatever they can imagine.
He got it for me for Christmas.
He does play it, just not at the same time as me.
It gives us something else to talk about though.
He sees board games and puzzles as something to do when the power goes out.
This feels like one of those big family vs.
Plan to have games as part of a date night.
It truly is a nice way to connect and spend time with your spouse.
My husband and I are pretty competitive, and playful game nights usually end with play time in the bedroom as well.
I also ordered a train movie from the library, am going to set up a little table to look like a dining car, and found train sounds and music on Spotify.
Uno is also a fun family favorite.
We play Starcraft a lot when Hubby is traveling.
We talk on our cell phones as we play.
Of course, you know what he hoped for…but the funny thing was that, at the end of the game, he sat there naked and I was almost fully clothed because I won almost round.
The other night we stayed up tip 1 just playing yahtzee and spending quality time.
And we have a lot to choose from!
We especially enjoy The 80s Game, Name That Tune — The 80s Edition, Trivial Pursuit we probably have five versions, including the new Classic Rock oneScene It we have a few versions of that, too, including a sports one and Bananagrams.
I had just thought about doing this the day before reading this article.
I love this and all the ideas.
Very early on we bought a Hoyles card game book and found Gin Rummy as a two person card game.
We will start a game and keep score for a year.
Easy and quick to play a hand or two at dinner, or even before turning in for the night.
But I still have till September to take over!
Sometimes we have a picnic at a local park and we make sure to take that game with us.
We modify it for two players by playing two colors each or by not using the outer two rows of tiles, therefore shrinking the board.
Easier to play with the actual Canasta deck, but can play with 2 regular decks.
A couple that my game player hubby and I also like are Qwirkle and Mille Bornes.
Qwirkle is probably my favorite as you can easily chat while playing it.
Mille Bornes is a French card game that is small and easy source take along on a trip.
Both of these games are easy to learn while still competitive and our entire family of game players likes them.
Thanks for the great fun word games for two adults />We also like Quirkle and Ticket to Ride and Carcassone.
Or should I say, I do.
They are usually way way longer.
My problem is that I love word games, and my husband likes strategy games.
But this is a really good list to start off with.
Thank you for the ideas.
I was hoping you would share with your readers before February to give time to make it for valentines day.
The newest game that we found in fun word games for two adults group was 7 Wonders.
It looked complicated because you actually play a dummy third player, but it was actually really easy.
I keep meaning to buy Carcassone, have only played it once.
I definitely expected to see a lot of the old standard board games listed.
My husband has hundreds of games it is his major hobbyand we play often — sometimes a little too often for me, but I do agree with you that it is a great way to connect away from a screen!
Good job and he would be MORE than happy to give you recommendations, if you are looking for new games.
We have something called dice with buddies that is like yhatzee.
We used to pay Draw something, but it was not working well last time I checked.
Any other app games where we can just take turns any time of day on our own phones?
Not sure if its currently being made though.
My husband and I love playing games and play almost everyone you have listed in the new category together.
Here are some I would like to add: Forbidden Island: great player against the game for the couple that gets too competitive.
Collect the elements before the island sinks.
Word on the Street: come up with words from different categories to get the most letters on your side of the street.
Great for families too!
Settlers of Catan: in the barbadian expansion, they have two player rules.
Also plenty of variations to keep you hooked.
Castle Panic: another player against the game.
Save your castle from the monsters and watch out for boulders!
Thanks for the great post.
Also fun, to invite another couple over for a game night!
My favorite are domino and chess by the way.
I also agree with you.
I found this list and got 2 of the games for us this year at Christmas, plus the Monopoly Deal card game.
We probably played a total of 4 hours on Christmas Day, and slip it into every available space since then.
Lay your tiles down like scrabble but they are 6 different shapes of 6 different colors.
When you place your tiles down they can be all the same color but a different shape, or all the same shape but a different color.
Great with foreign exchange students with limited English.
Kids and adults can click at this page />It is a great game.
Most importantly, it is a game that everyone loves.
So get a copy!
If you are not sure, then try it online!
There is a great tutorial on Happy Meeple www.
It is very addictive.
On Happy Meeple, you can also try lots of two-player modern board games modern link games, modern dice games and they all come with quick tutorials.
The board game world can sometimes be intimidating, but you will feel comfortable on Happy Meeple.
We use to own a game store, and we love finding games that are a little more unusual.
I like Swish Cosmic wimp out Instinct this is old and might not be made anymore.
Mermaid Beach this one was developed by a little girl and it is kind of like old maid with extra rules.
Lego Magikus we like to see how many rounds we can play while dinner is in the oven And as an extra there is a video game I have to mention.
This is probably the most adorably romantic puzzle game ever.
We like Mastermind, Milles Borne, and Yahtzee, but I am always looking for new games to add to the collection.
Perfect timing with Christmas coming up.
If pieces are missing, keep an eye out for a second game to make it up with, or search online.
It really is possible to get odd bits and pieces from ebay!
There are also lots of websites that can supply the rules if those are missing or in a foreign language!
I would love, love, love to be able to have a game time with him, but he is never interested in doing this.
In my adults online for really scary games growing up my parents played board games with us and also just between themselves especially Yatzee!
Should I give up on this idea of games for me and my husband or still try to get him to see they really are fun and not boring?
Like with 4 or 5 people when you have friends over?
If he can play some in a more social setting he may understand how fun they are.
A lot of people grow up thinking that board games are just Monopoly, Sorry, and Life, and so their view is skewed.
If you could try some of the newer ones then maybe he would have fun?
I suggest searching for the nearest good game store in your area or take for adults racing online car games play weekend trip to where one is nearest and let him browse.
I bet he finds one he likes!
The best way to describe it is to compare it somewhat to Jenga.
Although it is not like it….
Look it up cause it is SO FUN!!
You can play with up to 4 people and it is so easy to set up and so addictive!
We also play Battleship which is awesome.
My husband, however, absolutely refuses.
What can I do to either convince him other wise, or what else can we do together?
If he comes home at a decent time we usually watch a movie.
On weekends we watch a movie at night or just go to bed early.
But definitely not a game which I would absolutely love to do!
Only if the kids are around.
The rest of the time I much prefer strip Boggle!
It goes fairly fast since you only have 3 minutes to find words in each round.
Two can play for half an hour and have a lot of enjoyment in that half an hour!
This is a great reminder that dates can be fun, inexpensive and intimate!
He has something different in mind??
We used to play uno all the time!!!!
Havent seen anyone mention that one yet, but its a card game version of monopoly that can be played with 2 people or more and takes about 15-20 mins longer with more people.
Its a fun one, especially if you only have about 30 mins of free time at once like we do.
We usually like games that can handle 3 or more but work very well with 2.
Nice to see both older and newer games on the list.
My husband has muscular dystrophy and there is so much we cannot do as a couple.
I have tried to think of things to help us reconnect.
Anything involving a lot of physical activity or fine motor skills is out.
This is a great idea for us.
He works nighttime shift work as well.
The fun word games for two adults need not be the person who is leading with two turns to play!
And there is no need to be able to spell anything more than four-letter words!
So I had better challenge her tonight or tomorrow.
A card game we play is two-handed euchre.
I find it fairly boring, but it pleases my wife and gives her time away from the dreaded electronic screen!
I have a wonderful suggestion of one of the well known game.
Truth Or Dare contains hundreds of fun and challenging Truth and Dares ranging from clean to dirty.
I am damn sure you will defiantly enjoy this game.
And for car online world best adults free games racing you like Scrabble, you may like Upwords better.
I love playing games with my hubs!!
And if you need more ideas, here are 14 Ways to Play as a Couple!
But… We welcome your comments and want this to be a healthy discussion forum!
Comments that contain profanity or attack another person will not be allowed.
Comments that condone pornography or that are hateful towards people's faith will not be allowed.
Comments above 400 words in length will be let through at the moderator's discretion.
Lengthy comments may be shortened to the first 400 words or else deleted.
These policies are in place to help check this out remain safe and organized!
We love your comments, and want this to stay a safe place for you!
She loves traveling around North America with her hubby in their RV, giving her signature "Girl Talk" about sex and marriage.
And she's written 8 books.
About sex and marriage.
See a theme here?
Even in line at the grocery store.

Easy and Fun 2 Player Games for Date Night - From The Dating Divas Fun word games for two adults

Easy and Fun 2 Player Games for Date Night - From The Dating Divas Fun word games for two adults

A challenging two-player word game, Hangman challenges players to complete the spelling of a word before a drawing of a hangman is finished. The first player thinks of a word or phrase and writes a blank for every letter below a drawing of a gallows with an empty rope.
After receiving so much positive feedback from the original 5 Great English Games for Adults, it was time to add to the series. Experienced teachers will likely have seen some of these, but there may be one or two that surprise you!
Icebreakers are fun party games that help people become acquainted and feel comfortable with each other. They are great for communication training and team building. Consider using these at your next youth event, church retreat or leadership training. Youthful attitudes required! Here are some great ways to get the event started.


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