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🔥 Falcon Will Make Apaches Great Again | Empires And Allies - YouTube


GUARDIAN DRONES! | Empires and allies. Hey guys so it seems that zynga has finally made an update to empires and allies and we get a new defensive unit the Defense. Game Empires & Allies; 2011;
Name of Requested File: Empires and Allies Link To Download: Is the game server-sided: Yes.
Falcon Will Make Apaches Great Again | Empires And Allies. Game Empires & Allies; 2011; Explore in YouTube Gaming;. Empires & Allies nuke mk2 & viper level 13 attack HQ31,.

New RTS From Lord of the Rings Vet Hits Mobile, Dev Promises No Pay-To-Win. Zynga's Empires & Allies launches around the world for iOS and Android devices; read our in-depth interview here.
Download Empires and Allies app for Android. Free-to-play multiplayer assault game with guilds and base building. Virus Free
In Empires and Allies 1.54.1074032.production. New Unit Configuration ***Guardian Drones - Now use Attack Drone Units in Defense with the new Guardian Drones Configuration
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Download Empires and Allies for PC/Empires and Allies for PC - Andy - Android Emulator for PC & Mac Empires and allies game guardian


In Empires and Allies 1.54.1074032.production. New Unit Configuration ***Guardian Drones - Now use Attack Drone Units in Defense with the new Guardian Drones Configuration
Name of Requested File: Empires and Allies Link To Download: Is the game server-sided: Yes.
Empires & Allies. 7.4M likes. Join your friends, form alliances, and get ready to build your empire. Welcome to Empires & Allies, an all-new modern...

starburst-pokieGUARDIAN DRONES! | Empires and allies - YouTube Empires and allies game guardian

Empires and Allies - Zynga - Zynga Empires and allies game guardian

Download Empires and Allies app for Android. Free-to-play multiplayer assault game with guilds and base building. Virus Free
Download Empires and Allies 1.54.1069524.production APK Join your friends, form alliances, build your army and prepare for battle. Welcome to Empires & Allies, the critically acclaimed modern-military strategy game that puts the weapons of today’s armies at your fingertips, in a battle for control of the globe.
Empires & Allies Forum Hidden Objects. protect your island and stay ahead in the game!. there is a scam going on that claims to be an Empires and Allies hack..

Empires and allies game guardiancasinobonus

This article is about the social network game.
For the combat and strategy game, see.
The game, the first release by Zynga's Los Angeles studio, launched in twelve languages empires and allies game guardian June 1, 2011.
The game was a game, meaning there was no cost to play but players had the option of purchasing premium content.
The game was taken offline on June 17, 2013.
Players get 15 empire points when starting the game and have to pay to get more.
Additional Empire Points can be purchased in-game, from Zynga's Website, via game cards from some local stores or by completing certain in-game />Each archipelago represents an "empire" or free odds nfl island nation, with a "world alliance" that the player can optionally enter, but by doing so forfeits an ability to attack other sovereign nations.
The player's task is to recover their island nation's glory and defeat the main villain, "The Raven," and his commanders, who each have covered a separate archipelago that play many games of and makeup player must island hop until the end of the "chain" which is the island that "The Raven" resides on.
The game begins with a massive enemy attack which all but demolishes the player's nation, in a quest for revenge, the player is dragged into a war against the aggressors, uncovering their reasoning for the attack.
It is later revealed that the player's island contains a valuable ore that the enemy requires for a super weapon, which the player is tasked to stop at all costs.
The player meets several advisors: a civic advisor, a military advisor, a construction free odds nfl, and a mission advisor.
Empires and Allies has the distinction of being Zynga's first graphics based as opposed to Mafia Wars, which is browser based game to portray violence and modern warfare.
Although the game still retains the graphical style of previous Zynga games such as andneither of said games portrayed military hardware.
Despite all this, Empires and Allies still maintains good humor with enemy commanders having often comedic portrayals and biographies, such as "The Raven" being named such for he couldn't catch an eagle and instead settled on a raven.
Within nine days, Empires and Allies had gained nearly 10 million users.
A player can visit a friend's island, or they can optionally invade and pillage their island.
An island, however, can be defended with placement of military units who must be on the island in order to be considered "deployed" which defend a small to large square area around them.
Each island houses many buildings, with a population cap.
Population caps are increased by building government buildings which must be filled by allies.
Population determines the availability of certain units and buildings.
Players can optionally attack other players who are above level 6 in order to gain resources, infamy points or prize tokens.
A player who successfully invades another player can claim free odds nfl "invasion zone" which they can loot every twelve hours for resources until the target player or an ally of the target repels their invasion, or upon the activation of the player's "world embassy".
The buildings in the invaded area generate resources and infamy points for the invader, depending on the building.
For instance, an oil well yields oil; housing, farms, and government buildings yield coins; lumber mills yield wood; and mines yield ore.
All buildings, except government buildings; which yields 3 infamy points, gives 2 infamy points after a successful invasion.
In addition, the target player of the invasion must spend extra energy to perform any maintenance on invaded territory.
However they also free odds nfl not attack another player or the Embassy will be rendered useless and must surrender any and all invaded territory.
When a player forfeits the effect of the World Embassy, they may not activate it for another six hours.
The "Battle Blitz" mode has the same effects as the invasions of neighboring empires.
However, the player invades other players who are on the same level as them.
A player who claims an invasion zone in Battle Blitz gets five prize tokens, which could be used to spin the wheel for prizes.
Combat is turn based, and is not live.
Instead, an invading player will combat another player's or enemy AI commander's military forces controlled by an AI.
The player will always go first.
Combat begins with a 'deployment phase' in which a player can choose up to five or less, depending on the situation units to use in combat.
After the deployment phase, units enter the combat phase.
Every unit has three strengths which are marked with "great target," with higher chances of critical hits which produce resource, experience, and energy bonuses, as well as extra damage, if a empires and allies game guardian attacks its specialty, this works in reverse effect, as a unit also has a weakness to any unit that shares its specialty.
If a unit is of the same type as another, or is simply not directly related, they will have a "fair attack" in which they half an even chance of dealing normal damage as well as an even chance of a "glancing shot.
In addition, if a unit deals a critical blow to destroy another unit, it will be marked as a "critical kill" with additional rewards such as extra money, experience, or even energy.
A commander also has the option of calling on an ally when available which is typically another player who, although not directly involved in the combat, may provide a.
A player can also use one of his stored attacks gained from previous levels and battles.
Players can also pause or forfeit battles, this may be due to low empires and allies game guardian every attack requires energy or for cutting losses in an unwinnable match such as having no specialties towards the enemies units.
All units are repaired after a battle, with optional in-game repairs requiring either a support powerup, an experimental unit, or a certain amount of "empire points" real currency.
As of January 2012, the game has required a ransom of coins or resources of varying quantities depending of the type of units in battle and the number still surviving.
Many of the powerups can also be used to win battles with greater ease.
They can be obtained by invading or helping neighbors in which the player would receive one random power-up from every level up, tasks completed from a toolbar on the left side of game screen, from the power-up factory considering that parts have to be collected from allies to build the power-upsand various other ways.
Prizes are awarded every five waves, and elite units are awarded every 20 waves.
The Epic Survival Mode is a battle against higher-ranked units, with rare units awarded every 20 levels.
Now with every 20 waves you reach you get free odds nfl units.
After being produced, the player can deploy them on his or her archipelago to defend their buildings from invasion.
Each unit casts a radius of defense one square radius for land units, two square radius for air units and 2.
There are three "theaters" of war, and.
There are no special bonuses to these theaters against each other, yet they may attack each other, and typically units will have one speciality in each theater, one weakness, and one neutral.
These units are based on actual military units, such as Flying Fortress bombers, MIG-17 fighters, and Sherman tanks.
When your units are destroyed in combat, they yield a small amount of coins plus one oil.
Since the release of the game, Zynga has also created "special edition units" that have varying strength levels and are only available for a set amount of time.
Some of these units are also based on existing weapons and vessels such as the USS Enterprise, but may have exaggerations in appearance to fit the cartoon-like figure of Zynga's games.
Most of these units require purchase of their "blueprints" with real-world money through Zynga game cards and other methods of payment.
Element Z is a resource that must be required in order to use those special abilities.
Otherwise, experimental units can fairly attack all other invaders.
These are not just the highest-costing producible units in the game 8500-25000 coins per unitbut they also use the most amount of oil.
The unit needs to be assembled part by part and then activated by paying Titan Plates, ore, and 300,000 coins.
The wolverine and the x men games 2 to the titan consist of miniguns, titan heads, and shoulder cannons.
These can be built for greater than 4000 oil, making them the vehicles that use the most oil to produce.
Unlike most units, the Titan uses Element Z instead of energy for its attacks.
The game also contains a wider story arc which is progressed mainly through defeating enemy commanders on the "campaign map" which the player can access at any time.
Ultimately, the player's goal is to finish the campaign and defeat "The Raven.
But most recently the four other islands are introduced,following the story of the Tiki Guy's escape during the last island on the first four group of islands.
Resources come in six types: coins, wood, oil, ores, empire points, and energy.
Coins are a general resource for purchasing most in-game buildings, and are gained through property values much like CityVille and certain industries such as farms unlike other "Ville" games, food is not a resource.
Farm output is directly converted into coins.
Wood is used for certain buildings and resources, and is harvested by clearing trees and building lumber mills and starting lumber contracts.
Oil is used for building practically any mechanized unit, it is harvested by oil wells.
Ores come in varying types, such as aluminum, copper, gold, iron, and uranium, each required for different specialty units and buildings.
Ore is harvested through ore mines, trading, and defeating other units.
Empire tokens are real-world currency used to speed up certain elements of the game and assist in others such as providing an extra ally during an attack or purchasing a power-up, they can also auto-complete missions and fill seats in government buildings.
In addition, defeating AI players provides liberty bonds which are used for land-expansion, along with coins.
There are also experience points, which level up the player.
Tradable resources can be produced from lumber mills, oil derricks or mines which the player can build.
Depending on the level of advance resource selected each operates with a production efficiency.
Honor is produced by assisting other players, by visiting their empires or helping to defend, and is represented by a red heart.
Honor improves rewards for helping players, as well as providing defensive power-ups when you level up in fame.
Infamy is produced by invading and looting other players, it's represented by a black heart and provides increasingly powerful offensive powers for use during combat when infamy is leveled up.
Domination points are produced by attacking and defending other players in the "World Domination" mode.
The more domination points a player has, the more elite units he or she can build.
The game's closure date was announced as June 17, 2013 on May 16.
Retrieved 1 June 2011.
Retrieved 1 June 2011.
Retrieved June 13, 2011.
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Empires and Allies - Zynga - Zynga Empires and allies game guardian

Empires & Allies - Wikipedia Empires and allies game guardian

Name of Requested File: Empires and Allies Link To Download: Is the game server-sided: Yes.
Welcome to Empires & Allies: The critically acclaimed modern-military combat strategy game. Deploy modern military troops and vehicles in a global war against terrorist forces. Plan your approach, evolve your battle strategy and equip and train your army to fight the enemy. Team up with friends and players from around the world to form an alliance.
Commanders! Get ready to witness the 'Guardian' of skies defend your units and destroy your enemies in no time. # Comingsoon with the # Latestupdate # Falcon.Watch this trailer and stay tuned for more updates.


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